What is Apply Pixels and who made it?

Apply Pixels is a new type of sustainable design resource with the singular goal of empowering designers and people interested in design. We aim to give you tools and knowledge to make your workflows easier, to give you building blocks that enable you to jump over the technical obstacles and get you results faster.

Apply pixels has downloadable and evolving templates and UI kits with tutorial videos and articles. Every month there’s new resources added to the library while existing templates are kept up to date. By becoming a contributing member, you’re not only securing access to these high quality and time-saving resources, you’re helping us build a growing platform for design tools. ❤️

Who made this?

This platform is created and maintained by Danish designer Michael Flarup. Michael is a designer, entrepreneur and keynote speaker from Copenhagen, Denmark. A consistent thread in his work and his public speaking is his passion for design education and demystifying the art of making things. Apply Pixels is, in many ways, his attempt at creating a sustainable platform that can aide in that quest. If you have questions, you can reach him at desk@pixelresort.com.