Apple TV UI kit
Apple TV UI kit
UI Template
Current version 1.1
Build tvOS interfaces with this UI template of standard assets. Includes a 1920x1080 artboard and most common assets in both light and dark variants.
Download for Photoshop
Includes most standard tvOS interface elements in editable vectors
Drag assets from the assets palette into artboards for quick prototyping
Includes both dark & light variants
CC +15
What's inside?
This is a UI template that makes it easy to build interfaces for tvOS. Inside the zip you'll find a PSD file with standard assets found in tvOS and a 1920x1080px artboard.
How do I use it?
You’ll need Photoshop CC'15 or later (as it needs to support artboards). Open the PSD. The idea is to copy assets from the assets canvas into one or more artboards. The standard assets will make it easier to build a UI that feels coherent on the platform.
Why does it cost money?
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