Social Media Image Templates 2019

Michael Flarup
May 14, 2019

Making content for social media is an increasingly bigger part of everyones workload. Most of us, designers, developers and everyone in between create content for social media sometimes on a daily basis. In this frequent task, there’s actually a growing number of resolutions and dimensions to keep track of for each platform and each context. What is the correct cover image size on a facebook page? What is the optimal dimensions of an image shared on twitter? I often end up googling those exact resolutions every time I’m creating content and because I do it often, I end up spending quite a bit of time on it.

Social Media Image Templates

So I thought It would make sense to make a series of simple templates that would do the remembering for me and allow me to focus on just creating good content. I’m giving these templates away for free and have made a video explaining exactly how to use them.

For free? You might ask. Yes, free. Most of the resources here on Apply Pixels requires you to become a subscribing member for access, but consider this freebie a first of several upcoming free resources. If you use and like these, I hope you’ll browse some of the other excellent tools and consider joining the site.

The social media image templates are very much a work in progress and I’ll continue to add to and update these. Here’s what the current download includes:

  • Exact Social Media Image sizes of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram
  • Supports various content, like posts, cover shots & profile pictures
  • One-click export actions

Social Media Image Templates

In short, these templates will help you again and again when you need quick canvases in the correct sizes for your social media content. Hit the download button below to get them.

Social Media Image Templates