Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about Apply Pixels

What do I get when I buy a membership for Apply Pixels?

A membership for Apply Pixels gives you 3 credits each month that you can use to purchase design resources on the site. Every resource on the site costs one credit and once you’ve purchased it, you’ll forever have access to that resource and any future updates to it.

Unused credits will roll over to the next month and if you run out of credits you’ll be able to purchase new resources individually.

A membership is a great way to get an affordable access to a continuous stream of high quality resources. You also get the bragging rights of supporting a small independant company.

Can I buy single resources without buying a membership?

Yes. If you don’t like to pay a monthly or yearly membership fee and get access to credits, you can also buy our resources on a single purchase basis. You will get access to future updates of the resource you bought.

What do I get with a life time pass?

A Life Time Pass, is exactly that: Unlimited access to everything, forever. Everything on the site now and in the future. No credits or further purchases needed. It’s a single purchase that’ll keep giving you and growing in value over the years as more resources are added to the site.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. You can cancel your membership anytime. Any credits in your balance will stay there until you’ve used them and you’ll still forever have access to all of the resources that you’ve purchased (with credits or via single-purchase).

Why does it cost money?

To ensure an up-to-date and growing collection of carefully crafted designer tools, access to the resources are reserved for paying members with credits or those who have bought resources on a pay-per-resource basis. It only takes a minute to sign up and the membership is a low fee that can be cancelled any time. In short: It takes a lot of time and effort to do these things and to keep doing them we need it to be a sustainable business.

Do you offer trials?

No. Since the resources on this site isn’t standalone software, there’s really no great way to limit their use in a trial-like capacity. You either have access or you don’t. Hopefully we’ve done a good enough job explaining exactly what it is that you get in the individual template, so you won’t need to try before you buy. Otherwise, you’re just going to have to trust us that it is good.

Can you create a custom template for me and my colleagues?

Yes. Send us an email at [email protected] to hear more.