Why Join Apply Pixels?

Michael Flarup
February 28, 2019

The greatest pitch for an Apply Pixels membership is that for a monthly (or yearly) fee, you’re securing access to a growing collection of high quality design resources that will not only save you a bunch of time when solving a range of creative tasks but hopefully also make you a better designer.

On applypixels.com you can purchase individual tools on a per-resource basis or join as a subscribing member to get monthly credits that'll give you affordable access to this growing library of industry standard design tools.


Why use resources?

The tools that we have in our library are developed over long periods of time—like software, changing to meet the demands in the designs you need to deliver. We have a range of downloadable resources for Icon Templates, UI Kits, Presentation Packs and a lot more. Quality over quantity.

Each resource is aimed at saving you time while giving you some powerful building blocks that will help you deliver your best work. Using a well crafted, thoughtful resource is a great way to jump over technical obstacles and get from idea to result faster. Putting these files into your design software of choice will supercharge your workflow and elevate your work.

Scores of new designers are coming into the industry every day and even more diverse tasks are being asked of existing designers. Can you make us an icon? Can you put together this wireframe or that interface? We’re asked to be multidisciplinary generalists and the result is that we spend a lot of time hunting for the right tools for these jobs. Some tools are free, some are paid for on stock websites. After they’re found, they need to be learned. It all takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. Unfortunately, one tool might quickly become outdated or otherwise stop working and you can then start the process again or attempt to make your own.

Apply Pixels tries to do away with all of that and give you a single point of reference for all of your high quality resources.


Start ahead

Starting with the right tools make all of the difference in a project and if you use just even one of these resources in a commercial project, we’re sure that you’ll agree that they’ve been well worth the investment.

You can think of Apply Pixels as your secret weapon. A club of designers that cares about the tools at our disposal and your way of starting ahead in a project. By purchasing a single template or by becoming a member, you’re not only securing access to these high quality time-saving resources, you’re helping us build a growing platform for design tools.

If you have more questions, we have a little FAQ or you can use the black speech bubble in the right hand side to ask us anything.

We hope you’ll join us.