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A vibrant icon replacement set for macOS & iOS by Michael Flarup.


A meticulously crafted and growing icon set
Currently has replacement icons for: Acrobat, Apple Music, Bridge, Chrome, Creative Cloud, Discord, Adobe XD, FaceTime, Figma, Finder, Firefox, Illustrator, InDesign, iTunes, Lightroom, Mail, Messages, Messenger, Notes, Notion, Photos, Photoshop, Safari, Sketch, Skype, Slack, Spotify, Teams, TextEdit, Things, Zoom (+ several variations on the above)


Includes ICNS for macOS and PNG for iOS

How do I use this?

Other Instructions

Included in this download is a manual on how to change your icons on macOS using either the free tool LiteIcon or (in the case of 3rd party app icon replacements) using cmd+i on the app and dragging in the included .icns files. A more detailed description and links in the download. The download also includes exports of the icons suitable for use on iOS.