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Scannable iPhone Screenshots

This template allows you to quickly create and export three continuous screenshots from a single image. The App Store shows 3 portrait screenshots on App Store search results and with this template you can easily design screenshots that will take advantage of that. Automatically export each required size using Adobe Generator or bundled export actions.


Design for app store search results with a continuous graphic
iPhone XS and iPhone 8 device previews
One click export actions


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How do I use this?

Photoshop Instructions

Open the file in Photoshop. To create your screenshots, double-click the layer named ‘Edit me and save’. This opens a Smart Object. Inside this Smart Object, double-click the layers named ‘Screenshot 1/2 (Edit me and save)’ and paste a screenshot of your app in this canvas. Remember to save when you’ve pasted your screenshot. Return to the first Smart Object you opened to see your app rendered on the devices. You can change the background colors and type of iPhone by hiding and unhiding the layers in the groups named ‘Backgrounds’ and ‘iPhones’. When you’re done editing, save your changes and return to the main PSD file to see your screenshots rendered in the iOS 12 App Store.