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iPhone X 3D

This is a 3D-style mockup template for presenting websites and native apps on an iPhone X device.


Five different presentation angles
Change screenshots easily with Smart Objects
Change device color to any color


Latest Version (+ Magic Mirror Plugin)
Last Updated: about 1 month ago

How do I use this?


Double-click the layers named 'Edit me and save'. This opens a Smart Object. Create your artwork in this canvas. After saving this Smart Object, the artwork will automatically be rendered on the device in the main PSD file. You can also change the color of the device by editing the color of the layer named ‘Change color here’.


For this mockup template to work you will need to download and install the Sketch Plugin ‘Magic Mirror 3’ 1. Go to https://magicsketch.io/mirror/ and install Magic Mirror 3 for free. 2. Enable MagicMirror in the Plugins menu. 3. Create your design in the artboard named ‘Screen (Edit me and refresh)’. 4. Go to Plugins > Magic Mirror > Refresh All Artboards to refresh mockups. 5. Allow time for your design to appear across all the mockups.