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Android 10 UI

This is an Android 10 UI kit for designing Android apps. It is a massive UI kit with meticulously crafted Android 10 vector assets including most UI elements, controls, shapes, lists, FABs and icons. Your go to resource when designing Android apps.


Contains the most commonly used Android 10 UI elements
Smart organized assets with vector objects
200+ assets, icons, actions, sheets, menus & more


Latest Version
Latest Version

How do I use this?

Sketch Instructions

Open the file in Sketch and go to the page named ‘Artboard’. Build out your interface here by inserting the UI elements you need from the ‘Bars’, ‘Controls’ ‘Sheets & Alerts’ & ‘System’ layers. You can also drag in elements from the Sketchs ‘Components’ menu. If you need to edit buttons, labels, icons or colors, use the overrides provided in the Inspector panel. If you need to edit a symbol beyond what is possible from the overrides, then right click and ‘Detach from symbol’. If your app requires multiple screens, copy the artboard for each screen you need to design. To use the UI kit as a Sketch library, go to ‘File > Add As Library’. The UI elements can then be inserted as symbols from the insert symbol menu.