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Apple CarPlay UI

This is an Apple CarPlay UI kit for designing apps. It is a UI kit with meticulously crafted Apple CarPlay vector assets including most UI elements, controls, shapes, list items, inputs and icons. Your go to resource when designing CarPlay apps.


Six remade scenes for faster building and prototyping
All vector assets
Contains the most commonly used Apple CarPlay UI elements


CC 15+
Latest version
Latest version

How do I use this?

Photoshop Instructions

Open the file in Photoshop. Build out your interface by copying and editing the included assets onto the artboard. You can use the assets for quickly wireframing the functionality of your app, or you can go into detail by editing individual assets to create a custom look and feel that fits right into your brand. The UI elements have been designed to use Apple’s San Fransisco fonts and SF Symbols. For best results, please install the fonts from: developer.apple.com/fonts/