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This is an extensive toolkit for designing wireframes, user flows, diagrams and more. Easily build out high-level flows. Use in presentations, concept development and documentation.


196 wireframe cards that can be combined in any way with flow arrows
Scale and rotate flow arrows to any size and purpose
Use for presentations, concept development sessions, documentation and more


Latest Version
Latest Version

How do I use this?

Sketch Instructions

Building flowcharts is very easy. You can insert elements from the ‘Insert > Symbols’ menu or you can copy and paste elements from this page.

Editing text in elements
You can edit the text of individual elements using the text overrides in the Sketch inspector on the right.

Scaling and rotating
The elements are designed to be scaled and rotated without being distorted. Simply select the element and drag it vertically or horizontally to scale it to your needs.
If you make changes to a symbol, the changes will take effect in the entire document, including any flowcharts you have created inside the document. To use the kit as a Sketch library, go to ‘File > Add As Library’. The UI elements can then be inserted as symbols from the insert symbol menu.