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Web App Design System

This is a design system for designing web applications. It contains a vast collection of UI components that are commonly used in web apps. Use the design system as it is, or use it as a starting point for creating and presenting your own unique design system for yourself or your clients.

Download for Photoshop
Download for Sketch


Large collection of most commonly used web app components
Easy-to-use Sketch Symbols for quick prototyping


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Last Updated: 11 days ago

How do I use this?


Open the file in Photoshop. Build your web app interface by copying cards, modals, layers, shadows, text, controls and buttons to your own document. You can also start designing directly in this file, using the included artboards.


Open the file in Sketch. Begin creating your design on the page named ‘Create your designs in this page’. Here you can insert symbols from the design system and change text, sizes, colors and styles via the overrides in the Inspector panel. On the page named ‘Web App Design System’ you can edit the design system to your own brand and preference. All changes made to symbols in the ‘Styles’ section on this page will automatically update in the rest of the document. When you change text styles or colors in the ‘Typography and Colors’ section, you need to go to ‘Appearance’ in the Inspector panel and click update style to see the changes propagate throughout the rest of the document.